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Doug Keeley and Tim Magwood are both experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders who have built successful businesses and worked with hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies over the past 30 years. See the proof.

Dough Keeley Stories Rule!

Doug Keeley

CEO & Chief Storyteller

Doug Keeley started a marketing/communications agency just days after graduating from university with a Fine Arts/ Music degree. He spent the next few decades producing large events, pioneering in the world of multimedia, and using every tool available to help his Fortune 500 clients communicate more effectively. His passion and mission are to stop the “blah blah” and make communicating in the workplace more effective and engaging by using the power of stories. See samples here.

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Tim Magwood

Storyteller & Culture Catalyst

Tim Magwood has the mind of an entrepreneur, the heart of a coach, and the soul of a singer/songwriter. After a stage career in shows like Les Miserables, Tim joined Doug in the communications industry. He left to start Fusion Learning, Canada’s fastest growing sales effectiveness company. He reunited with Doug in 2014 and has been on the story journey since. Tim loves using stories to inspire and equip leaders to build meaningful, healthy and creative cultures.


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