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“Brand Storytelling” has been all the rage for the last few years. Ad agencies and marketing companies are all over helping client figure out what their brand stands for – it’s story – it’s “why”. We think that’s fantastic. But we don’t think brand storytelling is about weaving a tall tale or a complicated plot. It is about very simply stating what you do and supporting it with real examples that show it in action.


One of our clients, John, has hired Doug several times to speak at his company meetings to inspire and focus his people using stories. He had an opportunity recently to pitch a huge piece of new business. He was a bit stressed because his company was clearly the underdog against bigger, more global competitors.
He asked Doug to help. We injected stories into the entire presentation, from every member of the pitch team. Short, punchy, insightful stories, starting with a great personal story from him which gave context to their whole presentation. And a clear statement of what their company stood for.

John was a happy guy when they won the business. He was only a bit surprised when he asked the client what had made the difference in their favour and they replied “Your stories”.

The Director of Client Engagement on the business. Jen McAvoy, explains:

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To us, it is the ability for everyone in your organization to be able to answer the question “What does your company do?” in a short, consistent, memorable way with no aids – just talking.

If done properly, it echoes what the marketing department knows and says. It can be said consistently across your entire organization. The story makes a customer glad they picked you, makes a prospect want to hire you, and makes that recruit you’d die for want to be part of the company.

Brand storytelling Doug Keeley on stage.

If you randomly asked members of your workforce “What does your company do?” would you get a consistent and compelling answer? At most organizations the answer is “no”.

In our world, the answer to that question should make the listener immediately say “Wow, tell me more!”

The solution is NOT to write a script that people memorize. That will sound as phony as it is. And that approach doesn’t account for the fact that the answer should be flexible enough to change depending on the audience.

The solution lies in Story and Story structure. Your stories and basic structure on how to tell a good story in a way that answers the “what”, has a compelling “why” and maybe even dabbles in “how”, depending on what you do.

You already have all the tools. You already have the stories – they are your stories. You just have to select and put them together into a story structure that can be repeated consistently any time by any one.

We can help you do that.

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Our Clarity story pattern from Anecdote LLC is almost miraculous in its ability to organize information into a simple, flexible structure that anyone can use. We’ve applied it to the brand storytelling and product offerings of complex financial services organizations, accounting firms, technology firms, pharmaceuticals and many other industries. The success has been 100% consistent and powerful.

If your organization could use help with your Brand Storytelling to ensure that customers, prospects and recruits get a powerful and consistent message about your brand, we’d love to help.

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