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Charly is Managing Partner at a large New York based accounting firm. There are roughly 200 partners in the firm who come together annually or bi-annually to learn and network. These are smart, well-educated people with high standards and a healthy dose of skepticism towards any speaker. They have had many over the years.

I was brought in to not just motivate them, but to inspire them to try something new that would help them and the firm. The key to this was going to be stories.

I helped them ignite some of their company stories, craft personal and customer stories, and help 200 accountants be riveting – at least for 2 minutes at a time. We also had a lot of fun along the way.

The feedback was awesome. They are committed storytellers. Thanks Charly for taking a chance on something different.

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What is your definition of a leader’s most important job?
Ours is “To help others to be their best”.

What happens when everyone in an organization, not just the leadership team, actually believes and practices this?
Transformation! That’s what happens.

And that’s what I can help you create: a team of leaders that stretches across your entire group, department or organization.

I am a Motivational Leadership Speaker. Among other things.
What makes me different and effective?

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I don’t believe in the “7 things successful people do” or “5 ways to be a great leader”. Curriculum.

Because no one remembers them. And because one size or style does not fit all when it comes to leadership.

I have worked with the leadership teams of hundreds of Fortune 500 companies. I have started, built, and led my own very successful companies. And I have learned that there are as many different types of leaders as there are types of people. The 7 things that work for one person may not be the 7 that work for someone else.

So I use stories instead of doctrine. Motivational, inspiring, leadership stories. Stories about amazing people and companies you may know, and many you have never heard of. These stories are built as videos with music and often interview clips, which I narrate live onstage. This creates an experience unlike anything you have seen before at a conference.

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Several years ago I ran Motivational Leadership Workshops at a huge Meeting Planners event and told a total of about 12 stories across the sessions, some repeated for different audiences. I then asked all attendees to identify their favourite story. There was no clear winner. Everyone liked a different story best for a different reason. Most of the stories got similar numbers of votes. It showed me how diverse our audiences are, and how silly it is to assume that one approach, style, system or even story works for everyone.

The magic was that in using different stories about different leaders with different styles, people took what resonated for them personally. A few common premises gave it consistency. The stories made it all stick.

Stories are the glue of culture. They should be the glue of your leadership culture.

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