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One of our clients is a fantastic Canadian insurance adjustor, Crawford & Company. They recently reimagined their company Mission, Vision and Values. One of our very strong beliefs is that these are just abstractions and do not stick with employees unless there are stories attached to them.

Crawford agreed. So the leadership team first did our 1 day Leadership Storytelling Training session to learn the basic of storytelling, story listening and story triggering. We then reached out across the company to find stories that showed their new values in action.

These were crafted and captured on video, creating a library of stories showing their company values in action. They use these in HR, recruiting, and even sales activities.

The library of great stories continues to grow.

Here is what SVP Greg Smith said about the Leadership Storytelling Training:

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Why do corporate leaders today need to learn storytelling?
Because facts and information alone aren’t working any more.
They don’t inspire.
They don’t stick.
And they don’t cause behaviour change.
Stories do.

Being a good storyteller is not something you are born with or without. It is a learnable and teachable skill. We liken it to learning to play a musical instrument. You start with basics, practice them, add some new things, practice some more, add some more… and repeat. If Malcolm Gladwell is right, after 10,00 hours you’re The Beatles 😊.

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Our Storytelling for Leaders program, designed by Anecdote LLC in Australia, is the best in the world. In a 1-day highly interactive live or virtual session, we teach your leaders why stories work, the basics of story, and several story patterns. We put them all to work with personal stories and stories right out of your current business climate.

We then engage in a 4 to 6 month follow-up session which can be designed to your leaders’ schedule and budget. We continue coaching. They continue creating stories for us and their peers to review – working their story “chops”. We can also integrate one-on-one coaching with your senior people to help them “storify” their most important messages.

We will also work with your leadership team to discover, craft and share your company’s most important stories so they become part of your culture.

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Cultures, whether business or societal, are held together by their stories. The goal of our Leadership Storytelling Training is to create cultures where storytelling is a core skill and story triggering and listening skills are pervasive.

Do your people know how the company was started and why?
Do they know your best customer success stories?
Do they know what makes your leaders tick personally?
Can they tell any of these in 2 minutes in a way that is sticky?

Our Leadership Storytelling Training program will ensure that they can and they do.

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