“What the heck is that?”

It is a community of our friends and clients who want to become better business storytellers. It is a private, invitation-only community to keep out all the crazies and ads that are all over social media these days.

Best of all, membership is FREE!

You heard it right. As a Mighty Network member you get access to a ton of tips and videos on how to be a better storyteller.

We cover topics like:

  • Using Stories as a Leader
  • Using Stories in Sales
  • Using Stories to build Culture
  • Creating better presentations with Stories
  • Discovering stories
  • Triggering Stories
  • And much more.
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You also get access to regular workshops and events.

You can also pay for premium memberships at several levels which give you access to additional webinars and individual or group training courses with Doug.

Want to become a better Business Storyteller? This is where to start.

We hope to see you there!

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